December 27, 2023
Rubberking Tyres Ranchi
Rubberking Tyres Ranchi
Rubberking Tyres Ranchi
Rubberking Tyres Ranchi

Ranchi, India – In a testament to the power of collaboration between industry and academia, Rubber King Tyre Pvt Ltd and the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ranchi recently joined forces to host a transformative Leadership Talk and Placement Event.

The event, captivated over 400 students with its blend of insightful talks, interactive sessions, and the promise of exciting career opportunities. Setting the stage for inspiration was the dynamic young director of Rubber King, Devin Gawarvala.

Renowned for his innovative leadership style, Gawarvala’s energizing speech resonated deeply with the student audience. He seamlessly connected with their aspirations, instilling a sense of motivation and a fervent desire to navigate the professional landscape with purpose and passion.

Gawarvala’s emphasis on the importance of critical thinking, embracing challenges, and staying ahead of the curve struck a chord with the students. His vision for the future not only impressed them but also fueled their eagerness to apply the acquired insights to their own professional journeys.

The palpable excitement in the room was a testament to the profound impact the event had on the ambitions of these upcoming leaders. Beyond the inspiring talk, the event provided a platform for direct interaction between students and the director.

An engaging question and answer session allowed students to gain valuable insights. It was a pleasant experience for the young director when one of the students asked why the director went abroad to pursue his higher studies. The answer was simple: he was carried away by the fashion. The director further emphasized that the present state of education in India was comparable to any of the best institutions in the world. He urged the young ones not to consider foreign education unless it was a compelling reason for scholarships!

As the event drew to a close, Rubber King expressed its enthusiasm to welcome these bright and enthusiastic individuals into their fold. The company, confident in the power of youthful energy and innovative ideas, believes that this infusion of talent will significantly contribute to its continued growth and success.

The Leadership Talk and Placement Event organized by Rubber King and IIM Ranchi stands out as a shining example of how academia and industry can collaborate to shape the future of the Indian workforce. The event not only served as a guiding light for aspiring professionals but also fostered a promising partnership that holds immense potential for future endeavors.