Do you have right tyre for my Machine/Application?

You may please use “Find Your Tyre” Section on Home page.



Can I purchase tyre fitted with rim?

Yes , You can purchase tyre fitted with rim from RUBBER KING for bulk orders.

How can I purchase RUBBER KING products?

You can reach out to us using the contact link.

Can I see your Solid Tyres before proceeding with purchase?

You can use our 360° Tyre view link.

Can you offer application specific solid tyres?

Yes, We can offer application specific solid tyres. We offer Cut Growth Resistant , Oil Resistant & Heat Resistant solid tyres.

Do you offer Lip type solid tyre?

Yes ,we offer Lip type solid tyres in all sizes.

Whether I can fit Solid tyres on Pneumatic tyre rims?

Yes , You can fit solid tyres(except Quick heel type) on pneumatic tube type tyre rims.

Whether Forklift fitted with Solid Tyres can be loaded with any weight?

Always follow OE manufacturer suggested maximum lifting capacity. You can also refer RUBBER KING catalogue for load carrying capacity details of each size.

Why same size is having different rim size options?

These are based on Forklift manufacturer’s design requirement. In such cases , you need to be clear about rim size of tyres.

Whether you offer solid tyres suitable for Diesel & Electric Forklifts?

Yes , Our size range can serve both Diesel & Electric forklift of OEM Makes like Godrej, Voltas, ACE, Hyundai, Toyota, Linde, BYD, Jungheinrich etc.

What are Easy-Fit , Lip type , LOC type & Snap-in type solid tyres?

These are same as Quick Heel type.