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Fitment Press

Solid Tyres need to be pressed on to wheel rims properly to avoid any loose fitment during service . We offer RUBBER KING fitment press to make sure your tyres are properly pressed to the wheel rims and at the same time provides safety to operator & avoids any rim damage while fitment. The same machine can be used for safe dismantling of rim as well from tyre.

RUBBER KING fitment presses are ergonomically designed for smooth & simple operation by customer. We offer complete set of finely engineered toolings which helps to do the fitment effectively. We have different models of fitment presses available to suit the varying & demanding requirements of material handling industry.

Fitment Fixtures For Solid Resilients Tyres

Rim Seating Cone

Pressing Cage

Fitment Press Specification

Capacity of cylinder80.080.0150.0
Platen size(mm)850.01100.01100.0
Day light(mm)650.0650.0900.0
Stroke Length(mm)500.0500.0600.0
Hydraulic pressure(bar)200.0200.0250.0
Electric Motor(Hp)
OperationHand leverHand leverHand lever
Oil tank capacity (Ltr)100.0100.0100.0
Top & Bottom plate(mm)850.01110.01110.0
Weight of press(Tonne)
Power supply3 Phase3 Phase3 Phase
Suitable forSolid resilient tyres
up to 15" rim
Solid resilient tyres up to
20" rim diameter
Solid resilient tyres up to
25" rim diameter & POB

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