Core Values
  • Superior Customer Service
  • High Integrity
  • Encouraging Individuals to Excel
  • Building a happy team
  • Creating the Organization We Love
  • Product Excellence & Innovation

People Behind

The people behind an organization's success are its most valuable asset. They bring their skills, knowledge, and expertise to the table and work towards achieving the organization's goals. It's important to recognize and appreciate their contributions and invest in their development to ensure continued success.


Dinesh Ishvarlal Gawarvala

Our founder, Shri Dinesh Ishvarlal Gawarvala, was a visionary known for his unwavering adherence ...

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way


Samir Gawarvala

One of the founding directors of Rubber King since 1988, Mr. Samir Gawarvala continues to control...

We are committed to customer service and employee well-being at all times


Devin Gawarvala

A self-driven, highly proactive professional, managing multiple verticals across the organization...

My goal is to ensure that every customer we serve feels valued, heard, and satisfied with our products and services. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are committed to going above and beyond to exceed your expectations.

A Note from CRO (R&D)

Rubber King Tyre Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1982 and is on its untired journey, achieving new milestones one after another. Our R&D team is consistently working very hard to deliver the best products to customers and to enhance customer satisfaction by developing new products, upgrading technology, optimizing processes, and evaluating and introducing new materials. The team is regularly engaged in market studies, product analysis, and improving or developing products that meet customer expectations. We have a well-equipped laboratory with high-precision equipment and instruments. We have world-wide accepted testing procedures in line with ASTM standards. Equipment is calibrated through NABL-accredited laboratories. A system-oriented organization certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and IATF 16949 international standards. Design capability is a unique qualification of Rubber King. Our dedication to customers with very good product quality, product deliveries, technical services, prompt response, and high integrity and confidentiality makes us feel proud. Our world-class capability of processing and manufacturing equipment and materials from renowned and globally approved sources, system-oriented working, and well-qualified and skilled manpower produce consistent quality products. Our untiring efforts by the R&D team give us pleasure in the form of positive feedback and customer satisfaction.

Jagdish Chandra Bagora

Chief Research & Development Officer

Why Rubber King is Different?



Rubber king is made up of a unique group of people with different skills, experiences, nationalities and cultures . This can impact the way Rubber King operates and the type of culture it develops.



The systems and procedures Rubber king uses to achieve its goals can vary greatly between organizations. Rubber king with efficient and effective processes may have a competitive advantage over its peers.



The shared values, beliefs, and attitudes of the people who work in Rubber King can greatly impact the company’s overall performance. Rubber King with a strong culture may have high employee engagement, low turnover, and a positive reputation among customers and stakeholders.



The competitive landscape can impact how Rubber King differentiates itself from others in its field. Rubber King is differentiate itself through product innovation, exceptional customer service, or competitive pricing.


Technology Adoption

The level of technology adoption within Rubber King can also vary greatly between organizations. Rubber King with a highly technical workforce is prioritize innovation and new technologies rather than traditional approaches. Also, Our robust R&D capabilities allow us to maintain a competitive edge by staying ahead of the curve.

"We, SHREE HARI ENTERPRISE are authorize spares & service dealer for Hyundai Construction Equipment India Pvt Ltd. (MHE Division). and using the Rubber King Solid Tyre Since long and delighted with the tyre performance of Rubber king Solid Tyres. We are highly satisfied with the performance of solid tyre and After Sales Services provided by company."

"We are delight with the performance of rubber king solid tyre and got 4600 HRS of wear. We are also using the ultra premium variants for more than 16 HRS of Operation. So, we also recommended to use rubber king solid tyres to reduce maintenance cost due to three layer technology."

"We the Shree Sai Lifters have fifteen numbers of forklifts in Voltas and Godrej make in light and heavy applications, we are using different company solid tyres before but after recommendation of Rubber king solid tyres we have fitted Premium variant and glad to see the performance is superior compare to the performance of other company solid tyres."

"We are using Rubber king's solid tyres in our internal warehouse. We fitted 6.50-10 and 7.00-12 sizes of rubber king solid cushion tyres on our 2 Ton Voltas forklift. As our application is aggressive, hot & humid and highly corrosive total expected life we got is 4000Hrs."

"We, Macneill Engineering are using rubber king tyres for our entire battery operated forklifts at our various rental location and the performance of these three layer tyres found satisfactory & last for more than 3000 working hours and there are still some trade left to use."

"We have been using the rubber king solid cushion tyres since two years and delighted with the quality and performance of tyres. We are getting a tyre life of more than 4400 HRS from Ultra Premium variant at ceramic industry in 22Hrs/day operation. We strongly recommend Rubber king brand to other customers for various application."